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Upcoming New Features In Laravel 5.4

The one of the most popular PHP framework Laravel will come with his new version 5.4 with some great new features and the expected release month is January 2017.

In L5.4 Taylor and his team added some great functionalities to enhance mailing, testing, routing and many more. So I as a laravel developer is waiting for the new release.

So here is some list of new features in Laravel 5.4:

Laravel Dusk

If you are using javascript enabled application then laravel dusk will give you end-to-end testing tools. It will give you a proper way to test page interaction like click on buttons/links, fill out forms, and even drag and drop.

Email Markdown

You can use markdown for your emails in L5.4 that means you can have some extra components which will be supported in blade like

  • button
  • footer
  • header
  • layout
  • message
  • panel
  • promotion
  • subcopy
  • table

Facade's On The Fly

IN L5.4 you can use facades on the fly. Taylor announced how it works in his tweet.

Improvements in Routes

Two new improvements will be available after new release one is Route Caching and another one is Fluent Registering.

JSON Based Language Files

This is most awaited features for all the developers, In present version it's very painful to handle a multilingual projects but after new release you will be relieved. L5.4 comes with some helper function to translate the text.

Blade Components and Slots

After new release you can add new components and slot in blade template basically it's inspired by Vue.js.

OK so after new release every package developer will be busy to update their packages :)