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Unveil Your Website’s Top Speed Using WordPress Website Speed Test

There are electronics……there are consumer durables…..there are groceries and of course, the clothing segment. Your eCommerce site is up and ready to welcome guests this festive season, but alas! Only a handful of online users are visiting you're stocked up venture.

Why so? Have You thought about the Reason?

Well, if you are searching your website for design or payment issues; then try this trick…….go to Google, search for a WordPress Website Speed test and examine with your site’s name.


Your site’s load time is more than 5 seconds? NO WONDER YOU ARE SUFFERING A DROUGHT OF CUSTOMERS.

Hold on…Hold on….there is nothing to panic as of yet. The solution lies in your hands.

Just go back to your speed test URL and load your WordPress site into the search box. Now, wait for the results (very patiently!).

The test site will show you intricate details of your website such as its total size, load time and its “load grade” as per Google’s standards. The greener your grade, the faster is your site. Now see, I know that you are mind-baffled by seeing that red score.

So, it’s time to take some action. Most of these speed test tools belong to reliable and authentic Wordpress page speed enhancing services. Contact them and they will make your site rocket-fast within a short time.

Have you already dialed their number? Wait! First, have a look here.

Go through the following checkbox with utmost attention. You will understand what services you must expect from the chosen company.

Check Box 1: Minimal Load Time –

Did you know that the average optimum page load time is from 2 to 3 seconds? (Big reason why 5 seconds was a scary score!).

Talk to the company. Ask what page load time they offer and then sign off a cheque.

Check Box 2: gZip –

Is the company using gZip compression techniques? You must ask this immediately after doing a speed test.

#Note: Do not forget this point at any cost.

Check Box 3: What is their increment %?

Now, this is interesting. Each speed test will also specify the % by which a company will be able to elevate performance. Check the stats and then decide.

So, are you feeling relieved now? By the way, do not forget to re-check your website’s speed with multiple tools for WordPress Website Speed Test before setting your site live.

Do you know about any additional usages or benefits of these speed tests? Then let us know in the comment section below. If you like this post, do share it with your friends and colleagues to help them speed up their websites considerably.