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Know the Flow of Your Site with WordPress Page Speed Checker

WordPress! The name you and I and every minuscule element dwelling in this World Wide Web Consortium are aware of.

It has become the breeding platform for budding entrepreneurs and a shy smile from behind your lips acknowledges your presence as well.

However, do you know that only 8% of total sites existing on the Web actually receive their deserving virtual identity?

Well, while there are multiple reasons for these failures, one factor rises above them all – page speed. Slow page speed is the reason why most websites lose their customers. However, when there is a problem, a solution lies around as well; and in this case, it comes to you in the form of a WordPress page speed checker.

So, you get hold of a reliable speed checker, analyze your site for its status and note down all results. Now what?

Next, comes the main part.

You need to identify the areas of your website which demand improvement. If this sounds a bit vague, then have a read through the following section.

Decrease Your Page Load Time: Web-scrollers love to skim. Google says the average time a person will wait for your website to load is not more than 3 seconds. With such a short time in hand, you need to make your websites impeccably fast and nimble.

To decrease your page load time, have a look at the total size of your website (it is available in the speed checker results!).

Try and keep it to a minimum using multiple compression techniques available on the internet. Even better; contact an expert for the same.

Optimize Images and Graphics: WordPress allows infinite usage of images and graphics on your website. This is why your site looks so glossy and professional. However, what is the use if your site takes ages to load?

So, use Infographics instead of images.

It is an age-old method which has proved to be fruitful for every website. Infographics are smaller in size and prevent your website from becoming a beast of burden.

Check Your Mobile Site: What else? If you were spending all this time knitting and stitching your desktop site together, then alas my friend, you need to think deep.

In this world of smartphones and tablets, who opens a desktop to browse the web? Even do you?
So, start optimizing your mobile site first. Make sure your mobile site gives a good speed using any WordPress page speed checker.

Thus, get hold of the right equipment to optimize your venture and witness new customers cramp you up with orders in no time.